7 Simple Tips for a Happy Life

Your day always begins with the choice to be happy or to be miserable and sad. The choice is always your and yours alone. You have the inner power to decide.

7 simple tips for a happy life

Life can kick you or it can hug you. What you choose to focus on makes either one of those true for you. Never give up your power to be happy.

Here are 7 things you can choose to do daily to keep you in the zone of happiness.

1. Look on the bright side of life. It isn’t all bad. Think about what is right in your life. Is it your family, your career, a joy you hold true in your heart, or anything that just send you day and life in an upward spiral. Be intentional about seeing the good instead of darkness.

2. Start with a smile. With everyone you encounter along you day, choose to start that interaction with an easy comfortable heart warming smile. I bet it is contagious and will help the other person you are interacting with to smile as well and it may just shift their day in positive direction.

3. Focus on faith and optimism. You need to truly believe you are good enough to be given the happiness and success you deserve. Ask and the universe will deliver. I know that sounds a bit new age and if you believe it is so then it can only be that. Why not go about your day with the faith that it will matter and the optimism that you have the power to shine in happiness and success.

4. Read good stories, positive quotes, and affirmations. Inspire your mind to think good thoughts through the power of a great inspirational story, autobiography, positive quotes, or personal affirmations that help set the right habits in your mind for happiness. I have to admit that Facebook has some great groups that can be an excellent source of inspiration and positive thought.

5. Visualize your happiness. What is it you really want in life? Invest 5 or 10 minutes with your eyes closed in a quite place and just mediate on what you see related to happiness, success, joy, and a great life. Start building a picture of that perfect vision in your mind and then put it into play through visions, goals, plans, and massive action.

6. Find a mentor or coach. Sometimes we need others as support to help us get to where we have visualized us being in the future. A friend you trust or a coach with credentials to help you discover and unlock the happiness you seek can be pure gold. These people can help you see/discover things you never considered.

7. Master the power of positive thoughts. There is no need to be mad, upset, angry at the world, or down on yourself. That type of thinking will keep you locked up inside in a world of unhappiness which may lead to depression and/or all sorts of medical problems. Stress is real and it is a killer. Choose happiness. Choose the power of a positive thought. Correct any negative thoughts as quick as they appear in your mind.

I have invested an entire lifetime keeping my inner power positive and on course for happiness. It is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes happiness takes conscious thought and intentional action to make it a reality.

Make a choice every day to live happy, be genuine and intentional about who you are, and inspire others through your infectiousness and bright shinny disposition. Others will feel the reward and you will as well.